Shopping can be a real chore. Which coat fits me better? Where can I find the popcorn aisle? Is this item half off or 50% off? Am I getting the best deal I could be? All of these questions can at times represent a source of deep existential angst. There must be some way to help one cope, right? RIGHT. My name is Eliza Vermouth, and I have just the solution for your anxieties. Why not hire a shopping coach? Shopping coaches are highly educated professionals with years of shopping experience who are dedicated to helping you make the most of your shopping trips. Your shopping coach will keep track of big sales and useful coupons so you don’t have to. Your coach will stand outside the dressing room with the next size up in blue jeans in case the one you chose doesn’t fit. Your coach will even network with store owners for you. Perhaps next time you go to Walmart you’d like to make use the exclusive VIP lounge? Your shopping coach gets paid to make the connections that will get you in there! This finely bred race horse of a blog will help you decide whether a shopping coach is right for you (hint: it is), and will also provide fantastic tips related to shopping and outlets in general. So drop and give me 20… dollars for a nice purse!


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