How Eyebrow Extensions Became the Newest Beauty Trend

Natural hair and weaves

It appears the newest trend in the hair salon industry is no longer seeking to add body to hair, or even to use hair extensions to lengthen one’s locks.

In fact, today’s biggest beauty trend doesn’t have anything to do with our hair at all — or at least the hair on our heads. According to the latest reports, long, thick eyebrows are actually the most-desired beauty feature right now.

According to KING 5, everyone from supermodels to celebrities are looking to get eyebrow hair extension services these days in hopes of achieving thicker, longer brows. These professionally-applied extensions can give anyone a set of incredible eyebrows in mere minutes.

“Eyebrows are such a big deal right now,” Tova Edwards, owner of Wink Lash Extensions, said. “If you go on Pinterest or YouTube, you’re going to find a million videos on how to make your eyebrows perfect.”

But how do they work?

Similar to eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions start with custom-drawn stencils that are designed to fit the customer’s unique facial dimensions. Once the eyebrow shape is drawn out, the stylist selects the eyebrow color. From there, the synthetic eyebrow hairs are applied to the customer’s eyebrows, seamlessly blending in for longer, fuller brows.

Stylists say the process is completely safe and takes about an hour to complete. Each set stays in for about three weeks, and cost about $99.

For people with naturally thin eyebrows — or even people who have been over-plucking their brows for years — these eyebrow extensions are a great resource. When eyebrows are the beauty trend that’s got everyone talking, it’s well worth a shot to try out a set of eyebrow extensions.

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