Important Facts About Skin Tone Changes

A recent survey shows that only 4% of the world’s women believe that they look beautiful. Many people are interested in learning how to get lighter skin, what anti-aging products are best, and how to get rid of dark marks and other blemishes. Read on for all the facts about what causes skin tone changes and how to get lighter skin.

    • What Causes Changes in My Skin?s Color? The top four reasons that people end up with uneven skin tone are sunspots, acne scarring, hormones, and hyper pigmentation. The Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that about 90% of our skin aging changes are due to the sun. Sunspots can show up in people when they’re still in their 20s, though most people will not really begin to notice them until they reach their 30s or 40s. But by the time we reach our mid teens, 40% of us have acne or scars from acne that can discolor the face. One of the biggest hormonal changes that can happen to a person takes place during pregnancy. During pregnancy, 50 to 70% of women notice an uneven skin tone.
    • How to Get Lighter Skin? Many people are interested in how to lighten skin and help turn back the natural aging look. Many skin lightening products are available, and the best to look for will be labeled “organic lightening cream.” Whitening facial products are quite effective, in fact. You can also help along the process by using some natural remedies, though natural remedies are never as effective as anti aging creams. One thing you can try is rubbing plain yogurt on the skin. Leave it there a few minutes and then wash it off. Mixing the yogurt with some honey can also do a bit to improve skin tone and complexion. Aloe vera can also sometimes help with hyper pigmentation. If you cut an aloe vera leaf you will find a sticky, jellylike substance within the leaves. This can be safely apply directly to the skin and washed off a half hour later.
  • What Should I Do Going Forward? First, stop spending too much time out in the sun unprotected. Sunlight is essential for your body to provide vitamin D, but you only need about 15 minutes of good exposure to get enough vitamin D. Use sunscreen and shade to keep your skin safe. Also, watch what you eat. Sugar and seed oils are not good for the skin. Water is absolutely essential for every part of the body, and this is especially true of the skin. Properly hydrating will do good not just for your skin but all the rest of you as well. Finally, when you have found creams or lotions you like, remember that you may have to use them for a while before for you see significant change. Don’t give up, and be faithful to apply them regularly.

Many people want a fair complexion, and if you are losing yours due to age, sun exposure, or other issues it’s only natural to ask how to get lighter skin. Protect yourself from the sun, invest in the right skincare products, follow a few home remedies, and eat and drink well and you will be able to get the skin tone you are hoping for.

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