Coach outlet online houston

Coach buyers, beware. Online ripoffs are getting better and better at fooling you.

The “Coach Outlet vs Coach Retail” debate has gone on for years, fueled by the ease of Internet sales (and scams) and the popularity of Coach merchandise. Buyers are easily enticed by the prospect of a genuine Coach bag, for substantial discount, and shipped right to your door from an online seller. It sounds to good to be true, right? Because it nearly always is.

According to Coach, Inc., the only website owned by Coach is And the only authorized retailers of Coach products are Macys, Nordstroms, and Dillards, who are also authorized to sell Coach products through their websites. Any other site purporting to be an “official Coach online outlet” is either an unauthorized retailer or an outright scammer.

That is not to say that there is NEVER an official Coach online sale. There is, very occasionally, but it does not show up in web searches, and is instead open only to invited members, chosen randomly from a Coach Factory Outlet sign up list and sent a personal user ID through their email address. The sale is generally only open for 48 hours, and merchandise sells out quite quickly.

To reiterate, this is NOT a Factory Outlet sale, but rather discounted items from the main store (which can still lead to some great deals). Any site proclaiming to offer an “official Coach Factory Outlet online sale” is simply not affiliated with Coach, Inc.

Whenever you visit a physical Coach Factory Outlet sign up on their email list and you may be lucky enough to receive an invitation to one of their coveted yet infrequent online sales events. But until that time, purchase your Coach bags carefully, either from, one of the three stores listed above, or a physical Coach Factory Outlet store. And happy shopping!

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