Temporary Tats for Your Tots Three Tips

One of the biggest recent trends in cosmetic fashion is the temporary tattoos. A lot of people love them for the “cool” factor, as well as the freedom to self-express without being tied to a design forever. After all, 23% of people who have a permanent tattoo regret getting it! Not to mention that temporary fashion tattoos let you avoid being one of the 10% of people who get infections or other unpleasant reactions that sometimes come with permanent tattoo. One of the groups most interested in glitter temporary tattoos and other forms of non-permanent tats, though, are the kids! From birthday parties to carnival parties, fund-raisers at school to the city fair, there are many types of temporary tattoos for kids, and a tattoo booth will be a hit at any event. With all this choice, what types of temporary tattoos for kids are best? Here are some things to consider:

Buy Legitimate

If those metallic tattoos your daughter so desperately wants at her birthday party were sold legitimately in the United States, that means they are approved by the FDA. Although it’s possible that some people will experience minor skin irritation, these are considered minor and uncommon enough that they’re not an issue. What you want to avoid are any types of temporary tattoos for kids that are labelled “black henna” or “pre-mixed henna.” Henna-based is fine, but the other two are sometimes mixed with harmful additives and are not approved by the FDA. Reputable stores won’t knowingly sell them, but sometimes they sneak by even the most conscientious seller. And definitely don’t go buying them from your cousin’s friend, even if he’s got a “great deal.”

Avoid Micro-Injection

These are popular machines at kids parties since they allow a professional temporary tattoo artist to draw a design much as you would with a traditional permanent tattoo, but without any pain. There’s no pain; but there is skin puncturing happening, so if the machines aren’t cleaned well they can spread disease. If you want something unique, custom temporary tattoo options exist that will allow you to get just what you like, safely.

Check Out Best Sellers

If you’re not sure what types of temporary tattoos for kids will be popular at your party, head over to your favorite online store and look for the best sellers in the category of fun temporary tattoos for kids. There are some amazing choices of fashion tattoos, metallic tattoos, glitter tattoos, and designs based on popular cartoons, movies, or themes like “pirates” or “bride and groom.” The best sellers will let you know what’s trending now and what’ s likely to put a smile on all the kids’ faces.

Temporary tattoos are pretty cool, kid-friendly, lots of fun, and a great way to have a few minutes of quiet fun in the midst of an otherwise chaotic event. What more could you ask for?

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