The Beauties of Sea Glass

Sea glass pendant designs

Have you ever found a piece of sea glass on the beach? If so, what did you do with it? Perhaps you kept it in a memory box or started a collection. Maybe you gave your sea glass to your friends as a token of your vacation. Did you ever think about making it into jewelry? There are many types of sea glass necklaces, as well as other types of jewelry that incorporate sea glass, and they can be worn for any number of occasions.

So what really is the sea glass that can be found in all types of sea glass necklaces? Sea glass originally starts out as bottles and other glass products that have been discarded. But this litter transforms into something beautiful as it is smoothed by the constant beating of the waves. The edges become soft and the broken pieces transform into sea glass that washes up on the beach. Sea glass has recently soared in popularity, leaving many known sea glass beaches with much less natural sea glass than they originally had. But the concept of using found materials to make jewelry isn’t new – in fact, some of the oldest known jewelry was made using Nassarius shells, a type of sea shell that houses a type of snail.

Sea glass also forms into different sizes and comes in a number of different colors (as glass products are made in many different colors to start out with). Because glass breaks into straight lines and angles, sea glass most typically forms into a triangle, reaching its final form after years and years of being worn down. Oval shaped pieces of sea glass are typically much older than the triangles, as it takes sometimes as many as one hundred years for waves to wear down the sharp edges into an oval shape. The different types of sea glass are also distinguished by their markings. Sea glass can be pitted or smooth, and get things like sand and dirt trapped inside. Pitted sea glass is caused by air bubbles becoming trapped under the surface of the glass itself. There’s also a special type of sea glass, called bonfire glass, which has either been caught in a fire or struck by lightening. The intense heat causes the glass to melt and bubble, transforming it into even more interesting shapes and textures.

Types of sea glass necklaces incorporate all different types of sea glass. Different types of sea glass pendants can be worn for all types of occasions, including fancy events like weddings and for more casual occasions, such as everyday use.

We’ve discussed types of sea glass necklaces, but there are also types of sea glass bracelets, charms, and earrings. There are sea glass watches and sea glass can incorporate any number of designs.

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