Things You May Not Have Known About Your Favorite Watches

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Perhaps you like classic watches and designer watches, and keep up with the latest and greatest in watch fashion. Perhaps you just like to collect watches that you can show off in your own personal history, because they have quickly become a part of our history set in time. No matter why you like watches and no matter your reason to buy them, you may not have known these facts about watches:

Today we want to look at how watches have taken over America and changed the way we keep track of time. This starts with one of our favorite brands known to man: Rolex. Rolex produces about 2,000 watches a day. It takes about one year to create a Rolex watch, which shows how prestigious they are. Rolex has been in business for decades upon decades and has changed the way we look at all watches, from their very first models to their first waterproof model in 1926. They have become known for their newest strides in technology and bring this to the plate so that you know you are getting the very best in quality each time you slip yours onto your wrist. From mens designer watches to modern watches and so much more, Rolex truly has it all.

Of course, because Americans love watches, they are no longer limited to just Rolex alone. There are many options out there. In any given year, over 30 million Americans will purchase a watch. Perhaps you’re interested in a Cartier Pasha Automatic, or an Omega watch. 25% of those who buy and wear a watch say that they only do so so that they can make a fashion statement. Another 1 in 8 say that they only wear a watch as a status symbol. When you see somebody wearing a watch, do you also see it as a glimpse into their lavish lifestyle, or do you treat it as any other type of jewelry you see on someone’s wrist? Man or woman, your watch could be one of the most important aspects of telling time in your busy lifestyle, or for making you seem like a prestigious member of society.

From Cartier Pasha Automatic to Omega, to Rolex and more, we understand that your watch means everything to you, no matter what it stands for. We want to help you decide on the best watch for your needs.

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