Want To Throw A Great Birthday Party For The Kids? Go Back To The Classics

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when throwing together a birthday bash. In fact, it’s often the classics that create our fondest memories.

There are plenty of old-fashioned ways to create a party that lingers in everybody’s minds for months after the fact. Just think about what you did as a kid. Decorating yourself with metallic temporary tattoos and enacting your wildest fantasies of being a secret forest fairy with your best friends. Splashing around in a plastic pool and cooling off under the hot sun. Enjoying some delicious cake and getting into a food fight. When setting up your party with custom drink coasters you don’t need to be stressing…you need to be reflecting.

Go over your party plans by bringing back the oldies.

Finger Painting

Kids like to get messy. Why deny them what’s true to their nature? A great way to keep a party lively and involving for everyone involved, from the most boisterous girl to the shyest boy, is to set up some finger painting stations. This allows them to mete out their creative juices and make some friends — a good way to get everyone on the same page (literally!) is to create a basic prompt, such as drawing a favorite animal or creating a quick gift for the special birthday child in question. Make sure all hands are thoroughly washed afterwards before it’s time to eat!

Fashion Temporary Tattoos

How about something that has never gone out of style? Metallic temporary tattoos are sometimes what children look forward to the most when going to a birthday party, as they can show off their favorite design to all their friends and family members for days after the fact. A good size for your metallic temporary tattoos are 1.5 x 1.5, a perfect circumference to fit on hands, feet and foreheads. Successfully applying metallic tattoos is as easy as holding it in place for 30 to 60 seconds, then hydrating the skin by applying a thin, water-based lotion on top.

Outdoor Extravaganzas

When in doubt? Just go out! Metallic temporary tattoos certainly look better in the sunlight and a good way to get out everyone’s excess energy is to give them plenty of room to run around. Even if the weather is getting windy and rainy (indeed, this is to be expected as spring inches ever closer) you can always invest in some party rental equipment to make sure everyone is accommodated. Party tents can stave off the worst of the random showers and extra table linens and coverings will protect any food from being swept away in the breeze.

Bouncy Castles

When’s the last time you were in a bouncy castle? These creations were all but magical for most kids, giving them the ability to play and roleplay in one handy, colorful package. These take no time at all to blow up and can be used for hours without losing any of their elasticity. Make sure no pointy objects are brought inside, even tiny ones like bobby pins or pencils, and double-check any very young children to ensure they’re supervised. The last thing any party needs is someone getting a black eye because they weren’t being looked after!

Tips For Creating The Ultimate Party

Custom temporary tattoos and finger painting stations are great…but how do you set everything up into a winning combination? You have dozens of kids and adults to please, all with unique tastes, and the omnipresent threat of uneven weather can throw a wrench into the most solid of plans. Keeping up with the classics also means the preparation, so keep your schedules close and hash out emergency back-up plans in case anything goes wrong. Keep extra napkins on hand, have extra activities to do when the kids get bored and always supervise very young children at all times.

Parties should be a blast from the past. Metallic temporary tattoos and balloons just make it easier!

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